Primetime Network (scoring)
ABC-Buena Vista Television Logo - Disney
Harts of The West - CBS
....Round Up
....Rodeo Clown
....Divining Rod
....The Donkey in Love
....High Noon
....Rodeo Ride
....Good Night Irene
....Jake's Brother
....Before the Race
....The Tree House
....You Kissed Allison
Unmasked - NBC (special) Tri-Crown Productions
Vital Signs - Disney-ABC Productions
Sweating Bullets (aka Tropical Heat) - CBS, Kushner-Locke Productions
....Fight scene
Frank's Place - CBS, Viacom Productions
Baby Boom - NBC, Pipeline Productions
WKRP In Cincinnati - Viacom Productions
American Dance Awards - ABC, Wollenberg Productions

Network and Syndication (scoring)
At the Movies (theme and show package)
Roger Ebert at the Movies (theme and show package)
The Ainsley Harriott Show (theme and show package)
Regis & Kathy Lee - (promotional)
Iyanla - (promotional)
Biography - Greystone Productions
Guiding Light - Guiding Light Productions
Love is Strange - New World Entertainment
U.S. Customs Classified - Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Regent Entertainment Television Logo - Regent Entertainment
Desert Rats - Universal Rumors - Dave Bell and Carson Productions